As a child, I enjoyed going to my grandmothers’ house for sleepovers. We’d eat our favorite foods, make desserts and watch late-night TV shows such as “Morgus Presents,” which is a local rerun, of old horror movies, hosted by a mad scientist and his henchman. Those were some great times in my life and are still some of my favorite memories.

As I grew older, I stopped visiting my grandma as much, and I found out that she had died. It was a regret that I didn’t spend more time with her in her final years. Adults can become so involved in all the details that we begin to take those we love for granted. However, one granddaughter says that she does not want to make the same mistake as her grandfather.

The grandmother was invited by her grandpa to have a sleepover. This is exactly what they did when she was little. While most people would find a reason to not hurt their grandpa, this granddaughter thought it was great and accepted right away!

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Megan Elizabeth has had a wonderful relationship with her grandparents since she was a little girl. She had many wonderful memories with them over the many days she spent in their care. Megan and her grandfather lost their grandma several years ago. He has felt a little lost since then.

Megan shared an Instagram and TikTok conversation with her grandfather. Her grandfather was feeling ill and even started to cry during one of their phone conversations. He texted her one night to inquire if she would like to come over for a sleepover.

“I’m not feeling well and I miss you. Let’s get food and watch a mystery. I love Grandpa.”

Megan shared his texts, explaining that he felt so alone since the last time she spoke to him.

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In the caption, she said that her husband’s health was declining and she was trying to get as many opportunities as possible to visit him. Meghan got in her car and drove to KFC. She stopped at the grocery to get snacks.

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Grandpa had some requests, oo

“Can you pick up applesauce?” Cinnamon applesauce. Also, I’d like to eat mashed potatoes if I could go to a place that has them, since I don’t have teeth and can only eat soft foods. Ha!”

He also added strawberry ice cream to his list.

He wrote, “Thank you,” at the end. Meghan couldn’t help laughing as she was his only grandchild. It was sweet of him to say it.

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They enjoyed ice cream, and something more special, each others company. Meghan arrived with gifts.

They watched their favorite black-and-white mystery show before going to bed. Megan found out that grandpa had restored her room in the same manner he did for grandma when Megan was a child.

In case her granddaughter got thirsty, he eve

n kept a glass water near her bedside. He made my bed exactly the same way that he did when I was little with my grandmother’s doll (rest in peace). He gave me a flashlight just in case I was scared.

The video ends with her lying about the betting and becoming teary-eyed. The caption said:

“Staying here brings back many fond memories from my childhood. I love my grandpa so much!”

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The girl was required to leave before the rest of the family, so they could not share breakfast. But grandpa refused to let her go without saying goodbye.

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In the video follow-up, she said:

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“I had to wake up at 5:30AM and he waved goodbye and wished me a great day.”

Tell me about your pure love if that isn’t it!

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You can watch her videos below about this sweet story, beginning with video one.

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