King Arthur was born in Tintagel, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth’s The History of the Kings of Britain. An Earl of Cornwall built a castle on this village in honour of Richard’s legendary British King. On the other hand, Tintagel Castle fell into disrepair and turned into ruins many centuries after it was first built. People have been going to this ruined castle to see it since the 1800s. With a rocky, cliff-top backdrop, the historic site is a great place to visit. It also has souvenir shops and a cafe on site. English Heritage is now in charge of the site, which Charles, Prince of Wales, owns. For the English Heritage, Rubin Eynon was hired to make a bronze sculpture of King Arthur. They wanted to make the site more enjoyable.

The Welsh sculptor makes beautiful things out of stone, wood, bronze, and iron. An 8-foot tall bronze sculpture was chosen by Eynon for the project about King Arthur. A Cornish word that means “power” is what he called it. It was put up in April 2016. An 8-foot bronze sculpture stands on the cliffs of Tintagel as it looks out over the Atlantic Ocean, which is a lot bigger than the statue is.

rubin eynon gallos king arthur bronze sculpture


Adding the bronze sculpture to the historic site was a great idea. But the people in the area didn’t like it. However, it made things even worse. Cornish people used to say that English Heritage was promoting mythical stories instead of the history of Cornwall. There was a squabble when the group hired an artist to carve Merlin’s face out of bedrock beneath Tintagel Castle. But the group said that the bronze sculpture of King Arthur doesn’t have to look like the legendary King. It’s also essential that it represents Tintagel as a whole.

“There was a culture of feasting here, which suggests that the people who lived here were very powerful and had connections with the late Roman and Byzantine empire,” explains English Heritage head curator Jeremy Ashbee. “I think it’s appropriate to speak of kings.”

To put the massive sculpture in place, a helicopter was used to move it down to where it will stay. Take a look at the images to see how the artwork progressed from conception to installation.

rubin eynon casting king arthur sculpture


gallos sculpting process


gallos sculpting process rubin eynon

Welsh sculptor Rubin Eynon casting the massive bronze sculpture

rubin eynon gallos bronze sculpture


king arthur gallos bronze sculpture

A helicopter was used to move the 8-foot tall sculpture into the place it was going to be.

gallos bronze sculpture helicopter


gallos helicopter transport

Emily Whitfield-Wicks


rubin eynon gallos installation


king arthur bronze sculpture tintagel

Dr. Tehmina Goskar

The 8-foot tall sculpture of King Arthur overlooking the Atlantic Ocean is known as Gallos.

8-feet tall bronze sculpture king arthur


Source: Rubin Eynon



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