Look at this person right here. His name is Kahlief. On Friday night, Kahlief was working at the front desk of a Hampton Inn when he looked up and saw a random kid standing in front of him, asking if he wanted to see a card trick. I’ll tell you everything Kahlief didn’t know.

He had no idea that this boy was autistic (autism). He loves to learn and do card tricks because it helps him keep his mind quiet and focused and keeps his hands busy. He didn’t know that this little boy’s father died a few years ago, that he’s been on a waiting list for a “big brother” for well over two years, and that he lives with just his mom and sister and misses being around men a lot.

Even though Kahlief didn’t know anything, he was nice enough to say “yes.” He could have easily told Colin that he was busy, to come back later, or a number of other things, but he didn’t. He let Colin hang out with him at his desk for what seemed like forever. He watched Colin do card tricks and then showed Colin some tricks he knew. When the phone rang, or a customer came in, he stopped what he was doing.

In the picture, he is on the phone, and the person he was talking to put him on hold, but he never made Colin feel like he was in the way or a bother. When we saw that he had come back for another shift the next day, he made sure to let Colin know that he had more card tricks ready to go. So, this kind man took time out of his day again on Saturday, even though he still didn’t know how much of an impact he was having on Colin because he didn’t know anything about him.

We live for and love happy times like this. Kindness is easy, but it doesn’t seem to happen often these days.

Credit: Megan Griffin Haas


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