We’d win several Oscars if we could make a film about Keenu Reeves’ life. That’s a role that one person can only fill. Reeves isn’t always forthcoming regarding the events that shaped him into the person he is now. He is the only one who is aware of his life’s ups and downs, which he shares with admirable kindness and restraint. The unbelievable misfortunes he endured are only a tiny part of his story. Keanu Charles Reeves, an actor, director, producer, and musician, spent the first 20 minutes of a party in one of New York’s clubs filming his new film. He patiently awaited the rain to stop. No one knew who he was.

“I had no idea Kean was waiting for the rain – he didn’t tell anyone,” the club owner said.

He takes public transportation.

“He has no trouble communicating with the homeless on the street and assisting them.”

– At 56, he can sit in the garden with regular people and eat a hot dog (September 2, 1964).

After filming one of the “Matrix” to evaluate their skill, he gave all the spinners a new motorcycle.

– He decided to undervalue the contributions of costume designers and computer scientists who worked on special effects in “The Matrix” by preceding the majority of their fees.

He reduced the fees for the film “Devil’s Advocate” and paid enough for Al Pacino to be invited.

– His best friend died at the same time; his girlfriend lost a child and died in a car accident shortly after, and his sister was diagnosed with leukaemia.

Keane did not give up: he donated $5 million to the clinic where he treated his sister, refused to shoot (because he was with her), and founded the Leukemia Foundation, donating a significant portion of the film’s fee.

You can be born human, but you must choose to be one.

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