In their 70s, they can look forward to more peaceful times and more rest.

That’s not the case for this military widow from Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was at the age of 72 that Ms. Ella found herself taking care of six great-grandchildren. She had already raised some of her own children and some of her own grandchildren.

That isn’t to say that this woman didn’t have a lot of money to pay the rent and eat. Also, there were a lot of repairs to be done to her house, which were piled high.

An unknown person showed up one day and asked to come into her house with some interesting news.

During her golden years, Ms. Ella was doing everything she could to make sure her six great-grandchildren had a good place to live on her own.

When these kids were born, we don’t know what happened to them. We do know that Ms. Ella taking them in was the only way these kids could have a loving home.

The best friend comes up with the best surprise.

Ms Ella was praying that she could pay the rent and keep food on the table as Christmas neared.

In California, her best friend, Alicestine Miller, known as Ms. Alice, was thinking about how she could help her best friend.

Mrs Alice came up with a way for a group of people to show up on her doorstep with a surprise that made Mrs Ella cry.

With them was a truck full of furniture, carpets, beds for kids, and even Christmas decorations.

Ella’s house was filled with new furniture, beds for the kids, and presents. Each child got a 500 dollar gift card.

But that wasn’t all — the Surprise Squad also arranged for Ms Ella’s rent to be paid in full for the following year.



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