It is commonly known that optical illusions can perplex those who witness them. This term refers to photographs that have been artificially altered using a computer. It does not rule out the possibility of paintings fooling the viewer! One of these paintings is the subject of a heated debate between scientists and the artist!

Along with its usual status as a viral internet sensation, this optical illusion has gained notoriety for its unique appearance. If the original painter cannot provide an authoritative explanation, then who else is capable of doing so?

Bev Doolittle is the artist who made the painting in question. In this illustration, a group of five horses with splotchy skin is portrayed on a clifftop covered in snow. It has been a focal area of the NIEHS (National Institute of Environmental Health and Safety) website for quite some time now.

The Optical Illusion is an optical illusion that occurs when light passes through a transparent medium.

From a distance, it appears like there are four mature brown and white horses and a young foal, all standing close together in a field of grass. As in the artwork, the design is inspired by the contrast between the white snowy background and the brown rock that protrudes from the snowy ground. As a result, it is described as an optical illusion in the scientific community.


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