Saying goodbye to a loved one is one of the most difficult and painful experiences a person can go through. Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is like saying goodbye to a part of yourself. When a sad horse appeared to be crying in front of his owner’s face, it was heartbreaking to witness.

This week, Wagner Figueiredo de Lima of Brazil and his horse Sereno parted ways after a car accident claimed the Brazilian’s life. Wando, Lima’s brother, decided to take Sereno to his owner’s f because he knew how much the horse meant to his brother. Wando described the horse’s behavior as if it understood what was happening and wanted to say goodbye.

Sereno The horse begins stamping his feet and whinnying loudly before placing his head on the holder of his owner’s belongings. Smelling the coffin, Sereno began to walk around it.” As one funeral attendee, Kyioshi Abreu, put it: “Then he neighed. “It was a powerful feeling. Everyone in the audience was deeply affected. When I saw that scene, I was moved to tears.”

Francielio Limiera, a friend, described the horse’s behavior as “astonishing.” If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have believed it.” At the start of the f, [Sereno] appeared to be inconsolable, and it seemed like his owner’s departure had finally sunk in. He kept going as his hooves pounded on the ground. “It broke my heart.”

No one can say for sure how closely animals’ emotions mirror ours, but when we’re mourning the loss of someone we care about, it’s easy to forget the difference. The good news is that Sereno won’t have to go through this process by himself. Lima’s love for Sereno will live on for many years to come thanks to Wando’s decision to adopt his late brother’s horse into his own family.

One of the Brazilian Horse Riding Federation’s 20-year-old veterinarians claims that horses are capable of mourning the death of someone they care about, according to Marcelo Servos. There have been far more fantastic stories than this one, so he was confident that it could actually happen.’ This may not have occurred in this particular instance, but it is possible.'”



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