When a teenager from Phoenix got a text message from a lady who said she was his grandmother inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner, none of these strangers had any idea what would come of their misunderstanding.

That was back in 2012, and now, Jamal Hinton, who is now 20 years old, is indebted to his grandma Wanda Dench for the inadvertent text message she sent to him.

The Arizona grandma accidentally sent him a message thinking it was from her own grandson. She asked him to Thanksgiving dinner.

“The Thanksgiving feast will be at my place on November 24 at three o’clock in the afternoon. Let me know as soon as possible if you’ll be attending. Wanda answered through text message to Jamal’s question about who this was intended for. That was what she had written in a message she sent to the group. “Your grandmother,” he says.

Jamal then requested a picture, and when he looked at it, he noticed that the woman pictured had blonde hair and blue eyes, which led him to conclude that it was not his grandmother.

Despite this, the young man did not refuse the offer and instead chose to make the best of the circumstances by trying to use them to his benefit by writing: “[You’re] not my granny.” But, is it possible for me to still obtain a plate?”

The response from Wanda was, “Of course, you can. That’s what grandmothers are for… dishing out [cake emoji] to the whole gang.

Hinton published a screenshot of their first text conversation on Twitter with the description, “Somebody’s grandma is coming through for them this year!! Ayee!!!”

The tweet was liked more than 127,000 times and almost 44,000 times, leading to the two strangers meeting for Thanksgiving dinner. Since then, the two have made their meal together with an annual tradition, with Jamal driving to Dench’s house in Mesa, Arizona, the next city.

Now, the two internet celebrities are getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving together for a second time.

Jamal, now 21 years old, posted a screenshot of his conversation with Wanda, who said that it would bring her “great joy” if Jamal and his family were to attend the celebration and “share good food and great conversation.” Wanda ended the conversation by saying, “Your friend always, Wanda.” Jamal is now 21 years old.

Pleased with the outcome, Jamal expressed his satisfaction by posting the following on Twitter: “We are all prepared for year 6!”

Because Wanda’s husband, Lonnie Dench, passed away in April 2020 due to difficulties induced by a coronavirus, this year’s event holds an even greater significance for her.

Since 2018, Jamal has been bringing his fiancĂ©e Mikaela along. He claims that they all love getting caught up in each other’s life during their time together.

We don’t watch any television or do anything else. According to Time, he said, “We simply sit at the table for a couple of hours and speak the whole time and share tales and check how we’ve been doing.”

We don’t even recognize how long we’ve been there because Time seems to pass by quickly. They’re a tremendous solid business to work with.” My favorite parts of their tale are when they first met and how they got to know each other. For many families, the holiday of Thanksgiving is an absolute necessity. In spite of this, persons who lack a support network might feel much more alone than they already do.



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