A step-grandmother said that after kissing her partner’s grandson on the forehead, she couldn’t get rid of a horrible feeling.

The woman wrote about her experience on the website Mumsnet. She said that her partner’s son, his girlfriend, and their three-month-old son came to visit them.

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But while she was holding the baby, she kissed her son on the forehead. This made the baby’s mother angry right away.

She wrote on a well-known forum, “As I held him, I kissed the top of his head by accident.” “I kissed the top of his head as I held him.”

The step-grandmother went on to say, “I was told that kissing was not allowed at all, and that made me feel terrible.”

She is now asking other parents if she did the right thing when she kissed the child on the top of his head or if it was wrong.

“I won’t do it again because it’s against what they want, but I was wondering what other people thought about the situation.

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“I know that kissing babies on the mouth can cause HPV, but did I do something wrong?” “I know that because of the risk of HPV, you shouldn’t kiss babies on the mouth.”

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts and comments on the subject. Many called the child’s mother “ridiculous,” while others defended the parents by saying that kissing a newborn could be bad for the child’s health.

The following was said by someone: “I think that’s crazy. Most babies and people benefit from being touched and shown love.

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Someone else said, “There is only a risk if you have a cold sore; otherwise, kissing a baby on the head is not a problem at all.”

A third respondent said, “Herpes virus can kill babies, so it’s not crazy for parents to not let ANYONE kiss their baby because the risk isn’t worth it.”

Another person said, “We have a friend who is 47 years old and has cold sores (herpes) all the time. He got them when he was a baby when his grandmother kissed him, which is not unusual.”


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