Some people will go to great durations for their pets, and this next story about a couple is a great example.

A woman talks about how angry and shocked she is that her boyfriend said he would be happy to name their unborn son after his cat. Even though the choice made sense to him, his pregnant girlfriend couldn’t believe what he said.

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“No one could believe that someone would even consider naming their child after a pet. I think it’s way too gross “— The woman continues.

Now that the couple is getting ready for their baby to come soon, they are literally butting heads over what to do next. As for the boy’s name, the man is happy to call him Max, but his partner is getting more and more angry about the whole thing, and she feels like she’ll never be able to convince him that it’s not okay.

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The woman says she was talking with her boyfriend’s sister about baby names when all of a sudden her partner said the name Max. And just in case that wasn’t enough, he also said that it was important to him because it was the name of his pet.

Interestingly, the woman says that her boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend shared the cat, which just made her hurt even more. “It’s not cool at all.

Their cat was just like a baby to them. This is our child, and I don’t want anything to do with that name or what it means “- The girlfriend kept on fighting.


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Now, the couple wants to know what people on the internet think because the mother-to-be has given up on finding a name that she and her partner both like. What do you think this young couple should do?


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