High School Seniors taking the prom with a grandmother who is 92 can cause many people to be emotional.

Every high school student looks at prom as a date, an evening where they can dress up and party the evening away with a romantic companion or an acquaintance.

Dakota Wollan thought little of prom as a senior student at Watford City High School. He could have approached one of the girls in his class to go, but he wasn’t sure if he wanted to, and he decided not to.

Dakota informed his father, who advised him to invite his great-grandmother, 92 years old, instead of his great-grandmother, who is 92 years old.

There was no invitation to a prom when Madeline Miller was in high school. After one year and a half, she resigned to support her family.

The grandmother said that she does not have any memories of proms in the college during her time there.

Second-oldest of her 14 siblings, Madeline was always too busy maintaining her home so that she could attend prom, even if one were there.

Dakota devised a strategy to formulate”his “proposal based on his father’s suggestions.”

He said, “I have this old truck that my mom gave me. It’s an old 1985 Ford that she handed down to me, and I made it better.” “So I drove my car and created a sign”, he explained.

“Can I transport you to prom in this ancient truck?” The sign reads.

Dakota had been “very apprehensive” when he asked for his great-grandmother’s permission, and Madeline was puzzled when Dakota appeared with the message. But she was pleasantly apprehensive.

“I had never been to a prom before,” she said. “I was just wondering why he would invite a 92-year-old to prom when so many young girls are in the school.”

Dakota would have stayed out the entire thing had Madeline hadn’t agreed.

Grandma hadn’t danced for 40 years, So it was her opportunity to dance again.


In the wake of her, she had the opportunity to make a lasting memory of my prom and the one she attended,” The teen shared her story.

The couple was the focus of attention throughout the night long. According to Dakota’s words, “everyone immediately went crazy” as they entered the room.

“Many people wept when they saw them dancing.”

After dancing their first dance as a couple, Dakota welcomed his great-grandmother to her home.

“Walking by my great-grandson, listening to the music as we walked, and people clapping and yelling” were her full memories that evening.


In all likelihood, who could have imagined she’d get to attend their first prom when she was this age or even along with her grandson?

“I couldn’t believe I was out there,” she declared.

This great-grandmother and her grandson will cherish this unique event for the remainder of their life. Despite their fantastic game, the two had a wonderful time!

Check out this NBC News video below to know more about the topic.


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