Because he makes fun of his classmates who shop at thrift stores, she makes her son wear $20 worth of cheap clothes to school for a week.

When a mother in Georgia spotted her 13-year-old son behaving entitled and making fun of his Goodwill-shopping classmates, she devised an intelligent plan.

What method did she use to teach him a lesson? Make his shop in the same store he slammed.

Cierra Brittany Forney went viral after sharing a Facebook post about how she taught her teenage son to be modest and not judge others based on their appearance.

Forney claimed that her son made snide remarks about his classmates who bought at Goodwill and acted privileged.

She wrote, “I don’t allow that.” “He went to Goodwill today with his own money ($20) to buy clothes to wear to school for the entire week.” He’ll wear whatever he comes across. Even though he isn’t happy and has shed a few tears, I believe he will chuckle about the day his mother forced him to shop at Goodwill in 15 years.”

She let him spend his own $20 on Goodwill clothing he chose and forced him to wear it for a week to teach him a lesson.

After much protesting and crying, he eventually agreed to accept his sentence and go on with his life.

After she checked with him, the picture was shared to make sure it was acceptable. She stressed that this was not a punishment, but rather a means to teach her 13-year-old to be grateful for what others have.

Desecrating people to feel superior is likewise considered to be unacceptable behaviour.

My lesson to my children is that money isn’t everything, and that if you have to make fun of someone else because of where they shop, you should go there as well.”

Forney explained to TODAY Style that she was not attempting to humiliate her kid to demonstrate to him that money is not everything – and that bullying is never acceptable.

Because she is a mother, her primary concern is that her kid has taken a lesson from his recent activities.

“This experience taught my son a great lesson, and he’s wearing the Goodwill button-up shirt he bought today with a sense of accomplishment.”




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