Grandma Kidder expresses her gratitude for everyone’s birthday greetings and hopes that this will be her last unpleasant birthday.

The entire family celebrated Grandma’s 94th birthday.

Pauline Kay’s family members were not expecting her grandmother to make a startling and not so pleasant wish at her grandma’s 94th birthday party. Pauline put to her TikTok in a video. The family sang, “Happy birthday, grandma Kidder.”

“I’m hoping this will be my final birthday.”

Even before she could blow out the candles, Grandma thanked everyone for their good wishes and said, “Well, thank you very much.” “May this be my last,” she adds as she takes a sip of water.

Pauline, who stood behind her, shook her head in disbelief.

The video has 2.8 million views and has gone popular on various social media platforms since it was posted. One Twitter user added, “Granny stated she was sick of it,” after retweeting the video and earning over 305,000 likes.

One Twitter user responded, “if ‘I hate it here’ was a person.” When you do good things for Capricorn, Scorpio, and Aquarius.

Someone stated, “If ‘I Hate It Here’ was a person.”

Grandma Kidder is in good health.

Pauline is seen in the video below performing an honorary birthday dance for her grandma. The latter is seated behind her and enjoying the show. Despite the death wish, Pauline assured the fans, “She’s doing very fine.”


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