Garbage truck drivers frequently play the role of improbable animal protectors. It is not uncommon for them to stumble find animals who have ended up in the trash — whether they were scrounging for food or were purposefully discarded — and they will go out of their way to aid them.

As one man did when he rescued a dog that became stuck in his truck. The dog narrowly escaped a horrible fate due to his acute eye.

According to the Capital Area Humane Society in Michigan, an employee of Granger Waste Services was on his route early on July 19 when he discovered an unexpected passenger in his truck.

Granger Waste Services/Facebook

It was a white puppy of a little size. Although it is uncertain how she wound up in the garbage collection, the route was for commercial-grade dumpsters, meaning that the dog endured quite the struggle before being discovered.

“It’s nearly unfathomable that she experienced being carried from a dumpster to a garbage truck and then the voyage and unloading process,” Capital Area Humane Society stated on Facebook.

The dog endured a great deal, but it could have been far worse had the employee not noticed her, such as ending up in the trash compactor: “Had it not been for his quick sight, she almost definitely would have met a dreadful end,” the Humane Society noted.

Fortunately, the dog is currently stable, and Ingham County Animal Control is investigating. According to the Capital Area Humane Society, the dog will not be placed for adoption at this time due to an ongoing cruelty investigation. Instead, it will remain in protective custody.

However, while the inquiry is ongoing and other questions remain unresolved, everyone agrees that the motorist who rescued this puppy is a great hero — and the humane society reports receiving numerous unexpected queries concerning him as well.

“For those of you interested in adopting the Granger employee, he is also not available,” they joked.

We’d like to convey our appreciation to this garbage truck driver for spotting and rescuing this unfortunate dog! We wish you luck and that the puppy finds a lovely home soon.



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