It’s a big deal for everyone to finish high school. It means the end of childhood and the start of a new life as an adult, where you have more freedom and can live by your own values and principles.

For one young man in Michigan, graduating from high school was more than just a big step toward the future. It was also a big way to show respect for the past.

Micah Schieber was only six years old when his police officer father passed away while running a marathon in 2007. The young father, who was only 35 years old at the time, died and left behind three kids, including Micah, and a widow who was 33 years old. Micah’s father’s wonderful coworkers on the police force helped the family pick up the pieces.

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At his funeral, a lot of his fellow officers came to pay their respects and show how much they cared about him. Micah was deeply affected by this outpouring of love and support. He would always remember the officers and hold them close to his heart. So, on the day he graduated from high school, he once again asked the officers for help.

Micah decided to have a graduation party, and he invited every police officer in the area. Even though he hoped some of them would come, he didn’t get his hopes up because his party was on a Friday night, which is one of the busiest nights for the police force.

Credit – Facebook

But on the day of the party, he got a big surprise when 18 police cars with flashing lights showed up to celebrate the son of an old friend. Micah was so happy and proud that he gave the police officers a gift he had made in his welding class and a gift bag he had made for them.

So I could feel like my dad was still with me, it was very important to me that a small part of him from the police station came to my party.

Micah was so proud and happy to have the police officers who mean so much to him and his family at his party. Even though he lost his dad when he was very young, he works hard every day to remember him.

Micah Schieber said, “People talk so highly of my dad that I want to be just like him.” I want that to be how people talk about me.’

Micah’s friends and family have also kept his memory alive, so he can be sure that his father is always with him, cheering him on, no matter where he goes or what he does.



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