Because of their powerful friendship, TikToker @jessicamichelle1993 and her bestie @lureewest have been dubbed the “real-life Thelma and Louise” by some. The pals talk about how they became closer after they married the same man and had children, even on the internet. Having separated after the man’s death, the ex-spouses are enjoying co-parenting and living together with their collective eight children.

After eight years of co-parenting, they developed a strong bond as mother and stepmother.

Jessi released a TikTok on December 30. She stated that Lureewest has five children, and she has three, with five of their children having the same father as her husband.

“When you stop hating each other and start becoming best friends,” she remarked in another video. “I believe that co-parenting is the greatest.”

Their children’s father is no longer alive.

Jessi became best friends with her then-husband’s ex-wife. Source: TikTok

In a video posted on December 22, she revealed that they had opted to raise their children as a family regardless.

In a December 25 interview, Jessi stated that her transition from jilted lover to living with her ex-ex-wife husband wasn’t smooth.

In the text of a video, the woman commented, “He walked out on our children and me about a year ago and probably thinks I’m miserable.”


“You share a room with his other ex-wife and children, whom he also abandoned,” she stated in her letter.

“He’s established a family, but he’s not a member of it,” she sarcastically observed.

Although they have a great time and laugh a lot, they aren’t scared to discipline and care for each other’s children.

Jessi shared that she met her stepsons when they were 2, 3, and 4 years old during our conversation.

The mother of two children discussed her role as “their other mom” in a film she produced with them. “I haven’t seen their father in a year, but I’m still involved in their upbringing along with their mother.” I was the one who claimed them eight years ago. I’m trapped with them for the time being.”

A great gift from the mothers is that they enable their half-siblings, some of whom are half-siblings, to be reared together.

During one of Jessi’s videos, a commenter stated, “Your children will be eternally grateful to you for making certain they grew up with their siblings.”

Jessi lives with her ex’s ex-wife with the pair raising their eight kids together. Source: TikTok












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