When we think about dogs, we usually think of adorable little creatures that are full of love, energy, and affection. However, after reading this story, you will have a completely different view of our four-legged friends.

Here’s what an unnamed woman says about how and why a dog belonging to someone she doesn’t know keeps showing up in her backyard.

Image via – adogstove.com

“An older dog that looked tired got lost and ended up in my yard. I could tell he had a home and was well cared for because he was wearing a collar around his neck and his stomach was full.”

No matter where she went, she always brought the dog into the house with her. The woman would pet him on the head lovingly, which put the dog at ease.

After talking with her for a while, he’d go deeper into the house, find a quiet spot, and fall asleep there for a while before coming back to their conversation.

The dog would leave the woman’s house when he woke up in the morning, but he would always come back the next day.

After a few days, the woman started to wonder and worry about why the dog kept coming to her house to sleep. She couldn’t help being interested, so she put a note on his collar. It needs to say

“I want to know who owns this wonderful, sweet dog, and I want to know if you know that your dog takes a nap at my house almost every afternoon.” “I’d like to find out who owns this beautiful, friendly dog.”

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The next day, when he went to his usual nap spot, there was a note for the kind woman who had helped the dog. The note thanked her for taking care of them.

“He lives with six children, two of whom are younger than three, so he is working hard to catch up on sleep. Is it okay if I come with him tomorrow?”

Who would have thought that dogs, like people, can feel what we feel and show empathy? Who would have thought that dogs, like people, could get so tired that they need a quiet place to sleep?


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