Man’s best friend status has been held by dogs for generations. No other animal has ever been given the opportunity to even compete in all those centuries, maintaining the unbroken record. Some people view them as hazardous despite the affection and respect they show us. Some nations have even outlawed some of these breeds. We think that governments work for the welfare of their citizens. You must assess whether they are
reasonable or being deceptive, though. The top 8 dog breeds that have been outlawed globally are listed below.

Presta Canario

Eight nations have banned these intimidating dogs. mostly as a result of their reputation for aggression and controllability. But above everything else, they remain incredibly dedicated to and affectionate
toward their human master.


When properly taught, Rottweilers may be a great help in herding livestock. They are also frequently used by police agencies and make excellent rescue dogs. However, they are regarded as harmful in 10 nations. They are, in fact, incredibly charming and, most importantly, incredibly effective guard dogs.

American Staffordshire Terrier

The most contentious canine breed on this list might be this one. There are 11 nations, including the USA, that have laws governing this breed. Despite this, the American Staffordshire Terrier occasionally appears on lists of the most popular dog breeds worldwide.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


These are gentle, sociable dogs that are even recommended as family pets. This breed is prohibited in 12 nations worldwide because they are used in unlicensed dog fighting.

Brazilian Mastiff

In the right hands, this gorgeous and sensitive dog makes a great guard dog and work dog, yet some people tend to view them as aggressive and even dangerous. Their breed is restricted as a result in 14 nations


This breed of dog was developed in Japan specifically for dog fighting. They are still witty and caring friends even though they were designed to battle. Sadly, they are still utilized for dog fighting in Japan, albeit legally. They are therefore regarded as harmful and subject to regulation in 18 nations.

Argentine Dogo

Dogos are a doggo breed that is all white. Despite how stunning and self-assured they are, their breed is prohibited in 18 nations worldwide. However, they are free to continue being a man’s best friend in their native country at least.

Pit Bull

Pit bulls, commonly known as Pitbull Terriers, are regulated in 24 different countries not just as a breed but also as crossbreeds. More than 12% of all nations in the globe are represented by it. Even worse, the American Kennel Club doesn’t acknowledge them as a breed.

We are aware that you probably disagree with the governments who have outlawed these wonderful canine breeds. After all, a trained animal is only as good as the trainer, right? Post your comment in the space provided below. Please impart useful knowledge to your loved ones. Share the happiness!



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