Drew Barrymore’s fans love the actress’s carefree and happy video in which she plays in the rain and talks about how hard her childhood was.

The actress-turned-talk show host is going viral after she posted a video of herself playing in the rain on social media.

This week, the star of Charlie’s Angels went on Instagram to tell her fans that they should play in the rain if they ever get the chance.

“Go out in the rain whenever you can! Don’t miss the chance!” she yelled happily in the clip.

Fans were happy to see how much the 47-year-old enjoyed the little things in life in the video.

“I want to care about everything as much as Drew Barrymore does. Just right, “one tweet says.

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While someone else said: “I want to see how Drew Barrymore sees the world. We don’t know what she knows.”

But it has also made people talk on social media about Barrymore’s childhood and how hard it must have been for her to grow up as a child star in Hollywood.

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“People who are mean about this have obviously forgotten how hard it was for Drew Barrymore as a child star. The fact that she has so much happiness in her life always makes me smile “reads an answer.

Another person said, “Nobody is healing their inner child harder than Drew Barrymore.”

Credit – Twitter

“Some of you need to look up what she was like as a child. I’m just glad she’s enjoying the rain with us “another person.

Barrymore comes from a famous family in Hollywood, and she became famous when she was 7 years old and starred in the hit movie ET, which Steven Spielberg made.

But growing up in Tinseltown was not the best place for a young child. She has been open about her huge struggles with drugs and her parents’ divorce when she was very young.

In an honest interview with The Guardian in 2015, Barrymore talked about how bad her life was and said that she went to rehab when she was 12 years old.

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She said of that hard time in her life, “When I was 13, that was probably the worst.” “Just knowing I was truly alone. And it felt… terrible. It was a very unruly time. I would leave. I was really, really mad.”

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So, now that her hard childhood is over, Barrymore’s fans love it when she has happy moments and shares them with her followers.

“Do you mind if I take on Drew Barrymore’s pure childlike spirit and go into this week with gratitude and whimsy?” another tweet says.

In another video that went viral a few months ago, Barrymore told her fans, “If it’s raining where you are, just run out in the rain, don’t miss the chance.”


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