A father and his children both graduated from the same branch of Mississippi State University. On Thursday, 153 MSU Meridian graduates were awarded master’s degrees in education, including Commondre Cole and Ja’Coby Cole.

Mary Commondre, Commondre’s mother, shared the good news via Facebook along with a video showing her son and granddaughter earning their degrees. All of it is mine! It read, “They MASTERED it!” Gully, a teacher at Northeast Elementary School District in Lauderdale County, stated, “This is an enormous accomplishment for our family.”

“Just keep moving forward and driving, showing my younger siblings and families that we can do it. WTOK-TV reported that the team started strong and ended strong. Ja’Coby, a teacher at Oakland Heights Elementary, in the Meridian Public Schools District, stated that he never imagined he would become a teacher so quickly.

“I knew that I needed a backup plan so I thought about my father, mother, and sister. They are all teachers so I thought it would be best to follow their lead. Commondre Cole was persuaded by Jessica Gully-Cole (a teacher at Northwest Middle School), to return to school with his children. He said that he had achieved this and that they are now walking together.

Cole graduated with a father and daughter from Portsmouth, Virginia. Marvin Fletcher (retired Marine and Army veteran) was shocked to discover that he and SaNayah Hill (17 years old) graduated from Tidewater Community College at the same moment.

Fletcher, in an interview, expressed pride that his daughter had finished her emergency medical service studies as a dual enrollment student before she completed her junior year at Deep Creek High School. Yahoo! Yahoo!

Serving has been an honor and a humble experience. My daughter is a great person and I appreciate her desire to make a difference in medicine. Fletcher, who was in the Marine Corps for 4 years and in the Army for 8 years, added, “I didn’t know what to do about it since it was so extraordinary. It was fascinating and it made me very excited about the whole experience. The strange circumstances were described by Hill.

Both the father and the daughter were present at the graduation march at Chartway Arena in Norfolk (Virginia) on May 9.

Source: wlox.com


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