There’s a reason why many people consider their wedding day to be one of the best days of their lives, surrounded by loved ones and celebrated by everyone they genuinely care about.

Her biological father’s thoughtful actions made bride Brittany Peck’s wedding day even more special.

Brittany faced a dilemma that few other brides face: she had to choose roles for both her father and stepfather, who have been a significant part of her life since she was six years old.

According to reports, after Brittany’s parents divorced, she and her sister were involved in a lengthy custody battle.

Brittany explained, “My parents couldn’t agree on custody of my younger sister and me.” “I had my own lawyer, and it was a disaster.” It could be a Lifetime movie with everything we’ve been through.”

Todd Bachman, her biological father, was initially hesitant to share his daughter with her mother’s new partner, Todd Cendrosky.

On the other hand, time is beneficial in the healing of wounds. The two Todds eventually grew to respect each other, and they were both fantastic for Brittany.

Which only added to the difficulty of making a decision in 2015.

Brittany wanted both of her fathers to walk her down the aisle when she married her true love.

She didn’t know how to tell Bachman, unfortunately.

“About two weeks before the wedding, I finally courageously called him and said, ‘I really need to talk to you,'” she said.


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