Tori Roach graduated high school in May 2018. She shared side-by-side photos on Twitter of her achievements.

The portrait to the left shows her as an infant in Dennis’ arms on the day of Dennis’ high school graduation 18-years earlier.

She is a graduating senior at 18 years old, and she is on the right in her father’s arms.

This touching tribute became viral and was retweeted thousands upon thousands.

The tweet was shared one year after graduation season in the United States.

Here are the facts.


Roach said, “18 years later,” and added a graduation cap with an emoji. Adorable!

Twitter users applauded their father-daughter relationships.

This is amazing. Congratulations, @FarhanIjaz87 wrote

This is amazing. Congratulations dd 3/4 dd

— Farhan Ijaz (@FarhanIjaz87) May 28, 2018

“This is beautiful,” said @nnwigene


Dennis’ attractiveness was recognized by others 18 years ago.

@sidluvscats was even curious if Roach was seeking a stepmother.


Roach, however, crushed all hopes of the inquirer by telling her that her dad is married.

“For those who are curious he’s my father, he’s 37 years old, and he is not single… I will soon have another sibling.”

Roach was shocked to learn how much attention her tweet had gotten.

People heard her describe the second round of viral success.

She said, “My father was thrilled.” He exclaimed, “That’s really cool!”

The Roaches hail from Huntsville Texas. Both father and daughter graduated Huntsville High School.

Tori now attends Sam Houston State University, their hometown. She hopes to recreate the iconic photo she took with her father as she graduates in 2022.

This is a fantastic idea!




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