Because it was so loud, a neighbour assumed the older woman was in danger and called the cops. When the cops arrived, they discovered a situation that was nothing like they had expected.

As they sat down to watch the news, an elderly couple thought they’d have to spend yet another night alone without anyone to talk to. But to their surprise, a group of police officers came to their apartment out of the blue and made the night even better.

Michele, 94, and Jole, 84, sat in front of the television. They saw the usual bad news on their television, such as crime and abuse. The information moved her that she began crying uncontrollably and asked her husband why the world was filled with so much hatred.

The elderly woman was so loud that her voice could be heard outside their small apartment in Rome, Italy. People living there could listen to her cries.

In, they say that one of them called the police and told them it sounded like a woman might be in trouble. As soon as the police got the call, they checked on the elderly couple in their apartment. They found them not in any danger, but they were desperate for someone to talk to.

Facebook: “Life isn’t always easy,” the police wrote afterwards. It’s even better if the city isn’t crowded and everyone else is away on vacation.” Sometimes, when I’m alone, I cry. Sometimes it’s like a storm in the summer. There is nothing you can do about it. Jole and Michele love each other very much. People can lose hope when they feel lonely. Sometimes, they scream so loudly that someone called the State Police, like this time.

Michele and Jole had been married for 70 years and were lonely in their senior years. The cops showed up at their front door. “Jole and Michele have not been the victims of scams, which are common among the elderly, and no thief has broken into their home,” according to the post. “There is no way to save anyone.”

This time, the police had a more difficult job to do. Post: “There are two people who are alone.”

Ed talked to them and made a big meal for them to eat. The police made spaghetti with whatever ingredients they could find in the kitchen. They said that “humanity” was the most important and valuable ingredient.

The only thing the elderly couple needed that day was a home-cooked meal and someone willing to talk to them for a little while. That’s what Michele and Jole got, thanks to the kind police officers who showed up independently. According to FOX61, the police said that they “understand that just a little human warmth will bring Jole and Michele back to a sense of peace.”

Cover image source: Questura di Roma/Facebook



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