A child of 7 years old can never be forgotten the five years of love and care that she was given by the proprietor of a restaurant selling noodles. He treated her like the parent she was when she came back after 25 years and was there for him all the time.

Dong Nianhe, 65, was a noodle shop owner for a long time. He’s not married and does not have children. However, he noticed that he has been getting US $7,855.00 (50,000 dollars) monthly from an unidentified sender over the last five years. He is now accumulating more than $100,000.00 as he has kept all the cash. The people around him were jealous of the anonymous gift. However, nobody knew who gave the money until one day. A woman showed up.

Twenty-five years ago, Dong Nianhe owned a noodles shop. He noticed a girl, maybe seven years older, sat starving in front of his restaurant each afternoon. She was staring at the pot the chef was cooking, and Dong Nianhe did a stern glance.

The girl was noticed later, among a few customers at his shop. He walked up to her and handed her an uncooked plate of noodles. He said, “Hungry?” Come in and eat your food while it’s still warm.” “Don’t be worried; I’m not a bad man,” he pointed out as the little girl hesitated initially. “I have no money,” she declared, putting her hands to the sky. My grandfather once said that you could not receive gifts from others if you don’t give something to them in return. If you accept it, then you must exchange the gift for something else that is equally valuable.” In the end, she refused.

The girl, who he later discovered Yin Canlian, had nothing worth swapping in exchange for noodles. The clothes she wore were obscured with patches. After throwing noodles from the bowl onto the ground, Dong Nianhe reminded her it was an all-you-can-eat food item. It was not necessary to pay for the meal. But, the child did not want to eat her free food. She walked away. Attracted by the young girl, Dong Nianhe looked for any people with whom she had a connection. Her parents left to work for five years and never came back. Despite living in an old home, she has lived with her grandfather for the last five years and is utterly dependent on him. She’d perform chores in the field or cook dinner in the evenings. The meal usually comprises porridge white.

Doing his best to heal Dong’s broken heart, he created a plan that he believed the child would be shocked by. When he next met with Yin Canlian again, he gave her an omelette and asked her to teach him how to write a sentence every morning. “May I write two?” she asked hesitantly since she was stunned that they had thought of this fantastic idea. She asked for two bowls of noodles. Dong Nianhe noticed that her about to gift her father the second bowl of noodles, and she jokingly replied, “Of course, you can.” If the customers were aware of this, they mocked the man, saying, “Boss Dong, let’s order ten bowls of noodles, then we’ll show you how to write a hundred sentences.” Dong Nianhe opted to stay silent instead of respond.

Since then, Yin Canlian has come every day to teach Dong Ninghe new terms for noodles. The practice has been in place for up to five years. When she finished elementary school, Dong Nianhe noticed she had stopped going to his restaurant. She and her grandfather were gone. A distant relative of Yin Canlian took them in and took them to the city.

The narration reads, “Fast forward. The noodle-based restaurant has become a speciality local snack shop, and he’s also reached 60 years old.

The two marriages ended in divorce because he could not have children when he was a kid, and Dong Nianhe also did not.

He experienced many difficulties growing up in a home without any family. Since no note or letter was sent, he’s been wondering who is paying to him the US $7,855.00 (50,000 Yuan) each month over the last five years. He has observed that the neighbours around him are jealous of his wealth, and they have suggested that he close his noodles business and retire.

Dong Nianhe did not explain why he worked in his noodle shop to the customers. He was still watching across the street to find the girl he saw in the afternoons.

Despite being aware that places for his noodle company have changed over time, she may be in the exact location.

“I’m waiting for someone,” he mumbled to himself. I’m afraid that she won’t be able to find her way back if the noodles shop shuts.” Every day Dong Nianhe waited in the afternoon for the little girl wearing the red schoolbag that sat in the front of his restaurant. Although it’s been quite a while, and he’s not sure if he’ll ever see her again.

The Noodle Store was scheduled to be demolished, as were several other establishments within the vicinity. As he was working, Dong Nianhe lost track of his surroundings.

Customers would tell him that “The batter is batter, boss.” In the nick of time, when he was reminded, he would check the street where the little girl was. Then, one day, he found himself amazed at what he saw. The chopsticks and the dishes that he was carrying fell to the floor. She was there! Although she was into a woman, he recognized she was his because he realized the young girl in that red purse.

“I’m back!” the woman declared when she walked into his noodles store, tears streaming from her eyes.

Shining Dong Nianhe ran to her. He was heartbroken. Discovered his daughter once more. After learning that she had been to his home each month since she started working, she kept an eye on the noodle shop and gave each month a check when she earned her pay. She was able to repay his generosity with the bowl of noodles that she’d gifted to him over the last five years. He helped her through the most challenging times she faced as a small child.

Since Dong Nianhe is an older man in dire need of help, Yin has a reason to return. “Dad!” she exclaimed. You have been so generous to me for the last five years. You fed me whenever I needed food. I will keep you safe until the end of the world. .”


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