Grieving the loss of a loved-one is never easy, and it appears that cats are no exception.

Animals feel the same anguish as humans when they lose their owners, especially in this case where this elderly-lady is the only person this cat has ever-known. May he be blessed, and may he rest in peace!

Sarah Whaley, 96, has been the cat’s unconditional love for most of her life. She wouldn’t, of course. You want to stay by their side and hold their hand if someone you care about is dying.

Alexis Hackney and her family came into Trooper in 2014 while flipping a house they were working on. They went down to the basement after hearing her meowing and found her there. “She became stuck in the wall, and my mother and sister had to smash up the sheetrock with a sledgehammer in order to get her out,” Alexis explained. She had only been two weeks old at the time. Her pupils were dilated, and she could barely keep her eyes open. They took the cat with them to their house, where she developed a great bond to their grandmother, Sarah, over time. Sarah’s family was completely unaware of how close they were until Sarah became ill.

Trooper spent most of his time in her bed and was constantly bringing her gifts from all over the house. As a result of Sarah’s passing, the Trooper was devastated. Her sobbing was continual as she moved around the house, which was unusual for her because she is not a particularly vocal cat.

Even though he still misses Sarah, Trooper is doing better these days.

Cats are often regarded to be emotionless and distant; yet, this proves that they have feelings and care profoundly about the humans with whom they share their lives, contrary to popular belief. Cats are not at all aggressive toward humans. They take care of their people as well as the other cats under their care.

What a stunningly gorgeous angel! It is our genuine hope that someone would take good care of her once her owners have passed away.

One of my worst worries is the possibility of dying and having to leave my animals behind. Cats are highly affectionate and faithful creatures that will do anything for you.

They have a great deal to teach us.

May God continue to bless them both.

Trooper cuddling with Whaley | ALEXIS HACKNEY


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