One of the most memorable days in a person’s life is a wedding day. Many women have dreamed of their wedding day since childhood.

Invite your closest family and friends to your wedding. What happens if they can’t attend?

Because of the paperwork to get a Visa, she was afraid that her family would not be allowed to attend her wedding. According to Visa Guide, it can take up to five weeks to obtain a Visa to enter America.

She was born in Brazil, but she now lives in the United States. They fell in love after meeting Ryan Tickle and were engaged. Because they were still living in Brazil, Nas’ parents were worried that they might not be able to get the documents they needed in time for their daughter’s wedding. Her parents decided that they wouldn’t be able attend their daughter’s wedding due to the stress and uncertainty.

As they quickly discovered, their documents would arrive just in time to attend the once-in a lifetime event. The fiancee of Nas decided to use the information, but keep it from Nas. The bride-to be video-called her parents on the morning of the wedding believing that they were in Brazil. They were in the same hotel, which she had no idea. Her parents could see the wedding gown online in just a few hours.

Nas said, “I got ready and used FaceTime so that I could contact my father so that he could see me in a wedding,”

Alvaro Nascimento was her father and he said that he had to pretend that he was in Brazil when he got the FaceTime message.

“Oh my goodness! To make myself appear at home, i took off my shirt and did my hair. He answered the phone and said, “Hello,” He commented on his daughter’s gown after he had seen it.

The proud parents surprised their daughter with an unusual gift a few hours later. The bride was overwhelmed by emotion when her husband took her outside, despite her parents being standing in the corner. She cried of joy when she fell to the ground and ran to greet them.

Nas stated, “It was magic for me.” She said, “I don’t know why it seemed impossible.” She said, “It’s better that going to Disney!”

Her spouse said that it was an incredible experience to witness the surprise come alive. He said, “That was absolutely amazing.” He continued, “Just watching how happy she was, just seeing them, you’ll know?” He called it “amazing.”

After sharing such a special day together, they couldn’t be happier to add a new member to their family. Her father said, “But, we did earn another son.”


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