He played a trick on his girlfriend by putting fabric dye in her bubble bath. She was painted blue from head to toe and transformed into the ‘world’s angriest smurf’ due to the tub.

Her YouTuber’s boyfriend played a practical joke on her by stealing her bubble bath.

Kristen Hanby/Facebook

Jasmine Woodward was about to relax in her bubble bath after a tough day at work when she realized her lover was playing a joke on her. Jasmine and Kristen Hanby (a popular YouTuber) are known for pulling pranks on each other and sharing their humorous reactions on social media.

Jasmine had no idea Kristen would convert her into an enraged smurf this time.

Kristen gave Jasmine the nickname “world’s angriest smurf” after mixing Radox Muscle Soak bubble bath with a full Dylon fabric dye in the bathtub.

Kristen Hanby/Facebook

‘It’s not funny,’ Jasmine exclaimed. ‘Look how colorful I am!’

After seeing his girlfriend’s puzzled and shocked expression, ‘You f*cking Avatar,’ he yelled, giggling.

After a second treatment, the colour had not washed away.

A video of Jasmine having another bath and worrying because the color wouldn’t wash off was posted on the couple’s Facebook page.

Kristen Hanby/Facebook

‘It’s not coming off!’

The video has received over 165,000 views and 10,000 comments.

The poor child is shown laughing at the end of the video, but we can see the sorrow in her eyes.

Several people found it amusing, while others were less so.

Kristen Hanby/Facebook

“I’d end our relationship.” One user noted, ‘It’s too far,’ while another added, ‘It’s detrimental to the skin…’ You should be more concerned about her health than about having a good time.’

‘Classic, absolutely one of the funniest I’ve seen thus far,’ said another person. I’m giggling uncontrollably. “You get a thousand!”


  1. I wonder why I’m single and then I see these clips of both sexes pranking eachother and smile .. because men don’t act like men anymore and nor do women and there kids are a complete nightmare because of it ..


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