It’s easy for us to forget that growing up in a kind and loving family is something many people don’t think about. Until a certain age, I didn’t even know that not every child had a mom and dad who thought a lot of them.

There are, of course, a lot of kids in the world who don’t have a warm and loving home. How much does Andrew, a 12-year-old boy in the city of Nashville in Tennessee, know about that?

People say he has been in foster care for about half his young life. Well, his fortunes changed recently when a family took him in.

As soon as Joc Gill, another boy from the family who has looked after Andrew for a few years, saw Andrew, he became very close to him, too.

Video games and pop-tarts are two things the two boys like to do together. They’re good friends. On the other hand, Joc’s parents, Kevin and Dominique Gill, have always been happy to have Andrew.

During a walk in the park with Molly Parker, who works at Youth Villages, Andrew learned that the Gills would adopt him.

 Then Andrew said, “I just turned around the corner, and I saw everyone.”

Asked, “Will you?” I said “Yes! ” and they laughed.

More than 8,000 children in the Tennessee foster care system need a home. Because of the Gills’ kindness and compassion, one less person has to go through this.

In Andrew’s words: “This is my brother, Joc. He’s my best friend.”

Joc’s brother Andrew said, “Here is Andrew.”




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