In just five years, the couple had six children. Three sets of twins were present. Consecutive twins in a relationship are highly uncommon, yet opportunity knocked on their door several times.

Jolene McKee, 32, and her husband Andrew, 33, are now a family of eight, hailing from Brooklyn, New York. Aiden and Jaiden, their third twin twins, were born nearly six months ago. Even though she was expecting twins each time, Jolene claimed to have had no problems with her second and third pregnancies.

Jolene Mckee, 32, and her husband, Andrew, 33, from Brooklyn, New York, recently welcomed their third set of twinsCredit: Caters

Paige and Peyton are female twins who are five years old; Abigail and Andrew are three-year-old males and female twins, and Aiden and Jaiden are six-month-old twin boys.

“I had no idea I’d wind up with such a large family.” I thought I’d have one or two children, but we’ve ended up with three separate sets of twins: female twins, male-female twins, and now male twins. “Everything worked out perfectly,” Jolene added.

Jolene had a miscarriage three months before Peyton and Paige were born.

Jolene has had three consecutive twin pregnanciesCredit: Caters

“I was frightened to go to the clinic for a scan after experiencing discomfort after a miscarriage,” Jolene said. “I was always worried since the doctors were taking so long and calling someone in.” “They informed me I was having twins,” she says. I’m not sure what I’m hearing. That’s fantastic.”

Aiden and Jaiden were born three months ago ( Image: Jolene Mckee / CATERS NEWS)

After two years, Jolene found out she was pregnant with twins for the second time. The couple was taken aback when her suspicions that she was pregnant with twins were confirmed.

“We were completely taken aback when we discovered we were expecting twins for the third time, and the doctor was just as taken aback as we were,” Jolene explained. In his 25 years of experience, he had never met a mother who had three sets of twins at the same time. It was a piece of cake with my first two pregnancies, but being pregnant while working with my second and third pregnancies was a completely different story. But there was nothing else for me to do but keep on. Being a parent to two sets of twins was difficult after having Abigail and Andrew, but being a parent to twins was all we knew, so each set felt easier. We were completely aware of what we needed to do. I knew it couldn’t be another set of twins when I became pregnant for the third time and learned I was expecting. “I had the sense that there would be only one child. I was mistaken,” she recalls.

From the left: Peyton with middle twins Andrew and Abigail. and twin sister Paige ( Image: Jolene Mckee / CATERS NEWS)

Her overactive uterus produces two eggs simultaneously, which is why she always has twins. She is pleased with the result and accepts it as her destiny.

Despite being twins, Jolene explained that each youngster has a network of pals. Observing them develop and mature is my favourite part. It brings me joy.”

Andrew and Jolene admit that raising six children has been difficult and that adhering to a rigorous schedule takes a lot of effort.

Jolene adds, “I do at least six loads of laundry every week, so it’s difficult to keep up.”

“However, all of the children are close and get along nicely.” I adore my family and couldn’t imagine life without them.”


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