It isn’t easy to overstate the significance of Nigerian twins Daniel and David. All newborns are unique in their own way, but this pair has an exceptional quality that sets them apart from the others. In a short period, they’ve amassed a sizable following on Instagram. What’s the deal? There is a genetic resemblance between them, but they look nothing alike.

While David was born with albinism, his older brother Daniel was born with dark skin and dark hair because of his genetic makeup. A striking contrast is created between the identical twins due to this.

According to mom Stacy, the first twin [Daniel] coming out with black hair and the second twin [David] coming out with gold hair was a “huge surprise and the most amazing moment.”


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“It appears you are having totally unidentical twins,” the doctors told me.

One in 20,000 people on the planet has albinism, as does David. Stacy reports that David appears to be in perfect health despite the possibility that his condition could lead to vision problems.



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It was a Minions-themed party for the boys’ first birthday in March.

Every time we leave the house, people want to know how and what we’re doing, and maybe because of how adorable they are, you want to come close to say hello, she explained.

Learning and understanding are Stacy’s favourite gifts to give to the world. While I cannot speak for the rest of the world, I find the twins attractive on their own.


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