Something fantastic happened recently.

Bill, my amazing 12-year-old husband, expressed his desire to marry me. Bill has had dementia for nine years, as most of you are reading are aware. Bill has been oblivious of our relationship for the past year or two and has forgotten my name. As a result, when Bill told me that he ‘liked me and wanted to be with me forever,’ I was deeply moved.

He doesn’t say much anymore and has problems expressing himself. Still, when I accepted his ‘proposal,’ I got a lot of kisses and cuddles. I was deeply moved. It is something I will cherish for the remainder of my years. He inquired about the date of our wedding. I offered that since my “close girlfriends” were coming over on Saturday, that would be a wonderful time. Andrea, my daughter, informed me that I required a dress. Surely! Yes, she confirmed. Otherwise, it must be a wedding.” So I went out that afternoon and bought a dress, planning to return it unworn.

On the other hand, Bill was still remembering on Friday, so we bought a special cake from Mark. Lynne, my cousin, gave me flowers to put in my hair. So he thought we were getting married; Eva planned and arranged a renewal of vows with a special bit for him.

Bill and I remarried in the morning, surrounded by my great family, with beautiful homemade bunting made by Lynne the day before, a stunning flower arrangement done by Eva, magnificent flowers from Susan for my bouquet, and beautiful homemade bunting made by Lynne the day before. The day was fantastic.

We are very fortunate to have family and friends that adore us both and go out of their way to ensure that Bill and I have a happy life together.

We didn’t expect to reaffirm our vows, but we did. It was fantastic. Bill was fantastic. Even more impressive, Bill still believes he has just married his new fiancĂ©e two weeks later, and it makes him very happy.

We appreciate your time in reading this! It’s critical to remember that, despite the difficulties associated with severe dementia, people are capable of surprising you in the most unexpected ways. Bill has once again thrilled me.


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