If you’re used to seeing beautiful scenery and unique landscapes, you should know that something as simple as a tree can also be beautiful. Some trees will make it hard for you to breathe. Not only do they clean the air and give us the oxygen we need, but they also change the look of the city we live in. There are so many different kinds of trees and so many of them that some of them do look different. Some trees have unusual shapes, like big, thick trunks. Others have beautiful colors or something else that makes you stop and look. Here are some of the world’s most beautiful trees.

A 125-year-old rhododendron, Canada


Rhododendron is a very large genus of woody plants in the heath family, with about 1,024 species (Ericaceae). It is either evergreen or deciduous. Most species are from eastern Asia and the Himalayas, but smaller numbers can be found in other parts of Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia. It is the national flower of Nepal, the state flower of Washington and West Virginia in the U.S., the state flower of Nagaland in India, the provincial flower of Jiangxi in China, and the state tree of Sikkim and Uttarakhand in India. Most species have flowers with bright colors that bloom from the end of winter to the beginning of summer.

Rhododendron has two subgenera that are made up of azaleas. The only difference between them and “real” rhododendrons is that they only have five anthers per flower.

An alley of beech trees, Northern Ireland

© Christopher Tait

Some trees have beautiful shapes because they had to grow for a long time and in a lot of space. So, they started out as small shrubs, but grew into huge, beautiful works of nature. They are nice to have in front of your house because they have colorful flowers and a pretty crown. So, here are the most beautiful and interesting trees in the world.

144-Year-Old Wisteria In Japan

This purple wonder of Japan is a huge vine that takes up 1,990 square feet. It looks pretty because it has pink and purple flowers that hang down like small curtains from how high it grows. Because it was so big, the Japanese had to support the weight of the plant with big steel rods. Tourists from all over the world come here often. They want to come here just to walk around under the pretty flowers.

Beautiful Japanese maple found in Portland, Oregon

There are some beautiful trees in Japan. This maple is like nothing else you’ve ever seen. The interesting shape of its branches and the bright orange and red colors of its leaves give it a striking look.

Blooming Cherry trees of Bonn, Germany

We are used to seeing beautiful cherry trees in bloom in Japan, where they are also honored with a holiday. But the city of Bon in Germany has some unique cherry trees that bloom. Their branches are so thick and full of pink flowers that they can cover an entire street. Even if you live in a busy city, this view can calm you down.

Antarctic beech covered with Moss, located in Oregon

It looks like a tree can be amazing in more ways than just by having beautiful, fragile flowers on it. When a huge tree is completely covered in moss to the point where it just drips off its branches, the view can be very beautiful.

The Dragon blood trees of Yemen

You’ll think the name has something to do with how it looks. Not really, because they have a red sap that gives them their name. They are impressive to look at, even though their branches grow in an odd way, like thin veins, with only a few leaves at the top.

 Jacarandas of Cullinan, in South Africa

When in bloom, the rather tall trees have blue flowers. The way the branches of these trees touch from one side of the road to the other makes a beautiful blue curtain. It’s a view that’s worth seeing.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus of Kauai, in Hawaii

Hawaii is known for being a place with a lot of color. Well, it looks like the trees also help with this. It is a species that is very sensitive to its surroundings, so it won’t grow everywhere. But when it does, it grows very tall and has a bark with many different colors. Most of the bark you see every day is dark brown, but this one has brown, red, and green paint on it. Just like a careless painter would have brushed off the trunks of these trees with his paints.


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