Joan MacDonald, now in her 70s, went from being unable to climb stairs to being a fitness influencer on Instagram with over a million followers.

She started her transformation journey five years ago, when she was exhausted, suffering from terrible arthritis, and finding it challenging to be active, even if it meant walking up a flight of stairs.

Her breaking point, she said, came when a doctor informed her that her blood pressure was rising and that she would need to increase her medicine once more.

Michelle MacDonald, a personal trainer, came to see her and encouraged her to adopt dietary and exercise changes to improve her quality of life.

“When Michelle handed me that ultimatum, I knew it was now or never,” Joan MacDonald said. “I was sick of being alive.”

It was just a few weeks before Joan MacDonald turned 71 years old that she traveled from her home in Canada to Tulum, Mexico, where her daughter Michelle MacDonald lives and owns a gym.

Instead of irregular nibbling, she began following a diet plan created by her daughter, which ensured that she was eating adequate macronutrients — lipids, carbs, and proteins — in five meals each day.

Thanks to Michelle MacDonald’s Wonder Woman strength and bodybuilding coaching program, Joan MacDonald has been exposed to the gym first.

“At first, it was difficult,” Michelle MacDonald admitted. The majority of people are unaware that my mother was in the trenches, trying to sort it all out and becoming frustrated.”

Joan MacDonald says she was motivated to keep going since she felt so much better immediately.

Her prescription was cut in half in just a few months, and she shed 10 pounds in the first month of training.

Joan MacDonald started her fitness journey as soon as she returned to Canada, using a macronutrient-focused app to track her eating and exercising.

She remarked, “I work out five days a week,” two of which are cardio days. It offers you something to anticipate.” “That is a habit that I enjoy.”

In the last four years, she has shed 65 pounds and stopped taking drugs for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and acid reflux.

Joan MacDonald began an Instagram account to track her accomplishments and interact with others to improve her health. Her daughter had encouraged her to go forward with it.

Her Instagram account, Train With Joan, has 1.5 million followers. Michelle MacDonald, a fitness and nutrition coach who specializes in dealing with women of all ages, runs a website and app for women of all ages.

Others who follow in Joan MacDonald’s footsteps, she believes, will learn that it is never too late to make a positive change, regardless of age or circumstance.

“It’s not magical in any way.” “It’s challenging work, but it’s work you’ll appreciate,” she explained. “What matters is that you will be stronger and healthier at the end of the day.”

The MacDonalds gave five ideas for people of all ages who desire to improve their health.

  1. Think about your sleep.Michelle MacDonald stated, “We live in a culture that does not prioritize sleep.” “However, there is a lot of data that suggests that not getting eight hours of good sleep has serious hormonal, cognitive, and physical consequences.”
  2. Drink lots of water & eat protein with every meal.Michelle MacDonald claims that most of the women she works with, including her mother, are underweight. She suggests having five meals throughout the day, including protein at each one. If your target weight is 130 pounds, you should consume 130 grams of protein.

According to Michelle MacDonald, most people should drink at least three liters of water every day.

“Drink extra water and take it easy,” she said. “Drinking thoughtfully is a terrific way to connect to the idea that you’re looking after yourself.”

  1. Get active.Michelle MacDonald advocates beginning by simply walking 10,000 steps a day, divided up and done throughout the day.

She recommends doing 45 minutes of strength training a few times a week.

“Train with purpose, not with the same weights for the rest of your life,” she suggested. “Try to push yourself with intention if you want to change your body with weights.”

  1. Focus on a positive mindset.Joan MacDonald maintains a positive inner conversation to attain her objectives.

“I’m still learning about mindset, but I know it’s a vital part of everything,” she remarked. “It’s something you have to work on.”

She, like her daughter, suggests journaling first thing in the morning to set intentions and begin the day with a fresh mind.

  1. Document your progress.Michelle MacDonald recommends documenting your progress by snapping a snapshot of yourself on the day you begin your trip.

“Begin with a photograph… and continue to take images once a week,” she stated. “You may not notice any differences, but you will.”


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