A woman from Ventura, California, claims to have found genuine love at 73.

Carol Mack is someone I’d like to introduce to you.

Mack, a nurse, attorney, and educator, told a story about meeting true love at 73 during a pandemic on Twitter.

“It’s amazing how bizarre life can be. I never anticipated being single at 70 after nearly four decades of marriage. And I certainly didn’t expect to find true love at the height of a pandemic at the age of 73!” she wrote.

In her happy news tweet, she posted a photo of the engagement ring she received from her boyfriend.

Mack said she tried all of the dating apps before finding Match, which she described as “fortunate.”

My profile was on Match, and I received many unusual responses. Still, I eventually found someone my age, a college professor like me, and shared my religious beliefs. It’s possible, but I believe it’s uncommon!” she remarked.

Mack’s post has over a million likes and inspires many individuals who are still searching for love.

Thank you for instilling hope in me.

“I’m 36 years old and have never been married.” One user said, “Some people claim I’m too old to find the perfect man nowadays.”

This gives me hope that things will become better. Another added, “I was divorced during the pandemic.”

Thank you for providing this information. I’ve been depressed recently, convinced that my life will never heal from my humiliating and traumatic divorce. “This gives me hope that life still has some nice surprises in store for me,” another individual remarked.


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