Thank you so much for being an angel for our veterans.

Humans have become so distant over the years that many people turn their backs when they see someone in distress. While it is good to not get involved in the affairs of others, this does not apply when someone is in trouble and requires help.

There are people like Lisa Lemming, who can restore faith in humanity.

This elderly man was standing in one of the aisles as this woman, a Georgia senior home caretaker, was shopping. He looked at her with a sour expression. She decided to go to him to make sure he was alright.

The senior cried when she asked him if everything was okay. Lisa shared her story later and began writing the following: “Just spent two hours with an old man at Kroger. I started by just smiling at him and making eye contact. He looked at me as I passed him, looking like he was in desperate need of something .”

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

“I returned to him and asked if I could help. He cried and said that he had colon cancer and had suffered a terrible accident. If he gets up from the cart, everyone will know. What should I do ?'”

Lisa assured him everything would be fine and talked to an employee to explain what was happening. He was helped to clean his face by the workers who rushed in and did not hesitate. To make it easier for him to leave the store, they gave him dry clothes.

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

“The look at his dignity gone left me with a lump of my throat. Kroger staff swiftly fetched us undergarments, wipes and discreetly took him into their workplace bathroom Area, where he received clothes. He wept and apologized. He wrote Lisa that he was sorry and had to hurry his wife home.

It turned out that the man was a Vietnam and Korean War veteran. He felt that his country had failed him over the years. But Lisa’s actions restored his faith in humanity.

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

Lisa Lemming Jackson/Facebook

It ended with tears of joy and advice.

Lisa wrote, “We both wept and I shared my struggles and fears with him… He gave words of wisdom to me and encouraged me that perhaps humanity still cares about one another.” It was evident today. “Thank you Elmer, Kroger, and God for the lesson I learned today.”

This is a perfect example of how even small acts can make a big difference.


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