Going to the emergency room may be stressful, so the compassion of others around you is all the more appreciated.

Ashley Cherry saw a stranger volunteer to bring an elderly lady home from the hospital’s emergency room because she had no one to pick her up.

Ashley explained, “I rarely share stuff on Facebook, but tonight I simply couldn’t help myself.” “I was at the emergency room with my spouse when an elderly lady was brought out. The receptionist informed me that she was single and had no means of getting around. This AMAZING gentlemen, who were waiting with his wife, approached the lady and volunteered to drive her home.”

The good man didn’t recognize the elderly lady and turned down her offer to pay him to drive her home.

This gentleman volunteered to look after her despite not knowing who she was or where she lived. He graciously declined the woman’s offer to pay. As he went to grab his truck, I wheeled her out and put her in his.” “As I stood there watching them drive away, all I could think was “there are still decent people in the world” and “we need to look after our seniors like this lovely man.”

Ashley was able to talk with his wife, who was waiting for him in the hospital room as the man drove the older woman home.

“I did acquire some information from his wife. Jeffery is a military man stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. He serves not only our beautiful country but also his community. All I wanted to do was acknowledge, honour, and thank him. Jeffery, please know that your community values your efforts if you see this. Sir, I appreciate your service to our country. Please do not be hesitant to like and share.” Being there for someone in need is beneficial to both the one who receives it and the person who gives it.

It also blesses the people around it by displaying something lovely.


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