Amber Heard’s lawyers are trying to overturn or change the verdict in the defamation case between the actress and her ex-husband Johnny Depp, which was made last month.

In a 43-page filing sent to a Virginia court on Friday, the Aquaman actress’s lawyers said there wasn’t enough evidence to support the verdict.

In one claim, Heard’s team says that Depp, who is 59 years old, was wrong to say that he lost his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series because Heard wrote in a Washington Post op-ed that she was abused but didn’t name the person who hurt her.


Heard’s lawyers said that Depp “proceeded solely on a defamation by implication theory, abandoning any claims that Ms. Heard’s statements were actually false.”

The Aquaman actor’s team also said that one of the jurors who served during the trial had not been properly checked out. The court summons said the person was born in 1945, but Heard’s team says the person who served was much younger.

The juror, who was called Juror 15 in the filing, “was obviously born after 1945. Information that is available to the public shows that he seems to have been born in 1970 “it says in the motion.

Amber Heard waits for the jury to say that they think she lied about her ex-husband Johnny Depp, while announcing split verdicts in favour of both Johnny Depp and Heard.

Last month, Depp won all three defamation claims in his case against Heard, 36, in response to her 2018 opinion piece about coming forwards as a survivor of domestic abuse.


Damages were given to Depp by the jury in the amount of $15 million, but Heard will only have to pay $10.35 million because of a law in Virginia that limits punitive damages (the judge reduced the amount).

Heard was also given $2 million in damages for the claims she made against Depp. The actress’s lawyer had said before that Heard would “absolutely” try to change the verdict against her.

Heard had called the verdict a “setback” for women before, and she told Today’s Savannah Guthrie that she’s “scared” it will make it harder for survivors to speak out. Depp, on the other hand, has said that he never touched Heard and that she was the one who hurt him.

In response to the filing by Heard’s team, Ben Chew, who is in charge of Depp’s legal team, told Courthouse News that the appeal is “what we expected, just longer and not more substantive.”


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