This Cat shared an old garage with her 5-month-old kittens. Unknown people, however, set fire to the garage one night.

Although there were no people inside the garage at the time of the fire, firefighters were pulled in by a cat dashing into the garage numerous times.

The animal resisted the firefighters’ attempts to capture it. According to one firefighter, the Cat was pulling a kitten between its teeth. She carried the baby away from the fire before diving back into it.

The mother cat’s eyes, ears, and nose were all scorched, yet she managed to drag all of the kittens out of the burning building. She could only pull them out one at a time, so she had to return to the smokey, smouldering garage five times.

The Cat’s paws were burned, its ears were wounded, its nose¬†was singed, and its eyes were filled with flames, but she was only knocked out when she took the last kitten out of the blaze and made sure that everyone was safe.

The Cat was saved after being carried to the veterinary facility by one of the firefighters.

This is how the Cat (called Scarlett) appeared right after the incident and how she looked later after her hair had grown back and the wounds had healed.

In a short period, the kittens were adopted. Karen Wellen, their mother’s foster mother, took her in. She promised the Animal Welfare League members who took Scarlett in to care for her to treat the Cat as if she were her own child. This promise was fulfilled.



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