“His parents are proud and I know his grandparents are looking down and are even prouder,” the veteran anchor of Today anchor said about the moment.

Al Roker and son Nick | CREDIT: AL ROKER/INSTAGRAM

Al Roker is one proud father!

This past Sunday Al posted a clip of son Nick preaching on Sunday at St. James church in New York.

“I wanted to share just a small part of our son, Nick’s, sermon today at church,” the 67-year-old anchor of Today anchor wrote in a post posted on Instagram. “I could not be prouder of who he is and what he has accomplished.”

“His parents are proud and I know his grandparents are looking down and are even prouder,” said the man.

In the video, Nick spoke about his recent accomplishments, which included his time in the church.


“Today, I am 19 years old and about to graduate high school,” said the man. “I have a learning disability, and I have worked extra hard to get to this point. This last semester, I earned all A’s on my report card.”

He added, “It feels really good, but my accomplishments haven’t all been about school. They have also been about perseverance here at St. James.”

In announcing that his experiences in schools can at times be challenging, he stated that it’s not the same in the church.

“I have always felt loved and supported here,” he said. “I am happy and feel accomplished after each service…I feel empowered here and welcome. I am accepted here for who I am.”

Al is a father of Nick along with wife ABC News correspondent Deborah Roberts. The couple, who tied the wedding in the year 1995, also have a daughter, Leila and a son, Leila.

Al can also be a father to his daughter Courtney 35 from his previous marriage to actress Alice Bell.

In December, the couple made the announcement that Nick had been accepted into college. In sharing the announcement on the social networks, Al posted a heartfelt video of the Instagram of the new college freshman giving his family a message the good news as they sat off camera.

“I got accepted,” Nick proudly declared. “I’m not even kidding.” Nick shared that he got not just two, but one college admissions invitations.

“I’m excited!” He said before high-fiving father and hugging his mother. Hugs tight.

Additionally, Roberts, 61, also revealed her son’s thrilling life story in her appearance on a segment of The View’s the show The View. The audience was informed that she sought Nick’s permission before revealing the information.

“He has accomplished so many things. He has gotten a black belt in Taekwondo. He swam competitively,” Roberts stated. “He tried to train for the marathon, although he changed his mind.”

“I got his permission to talk about it because that is his private business but he is so excited and we are too,” she said.



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