After her husband-humiliated her in front of their guests more petite than a month after their wedding, a woman is seeking a divorce.

A successful marriage is built on three pillars: communication, respect, and trust. Is there any chance for the future if you can’t have these things on your wedding-day, which is supposed to be one of your best days? This woman doesn’t believe so. The bride explained to Slate’s Dear Prudence advice column how her husband had destroyed their wedding by going against her wishes.

The sole “strict rule” she set before the wedding was that she didn’t want-her husband to rub-cake in her face at the reception – yet he seized her head and shoved her into it, she alleged.

“I married shortly before Christmas and plan to divorce or annul my marriage by the end of January.”


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“I was never interested in getting-married, but I wasn’t against it either.” We decided to go ahead with my boyfriend’s proposal in 2020. We each had half of the burden of planning the wedding, but I think I was pretty reasonable about making concessions when he had a strong desire for something. There was only one rule: he couldn’t rub cake at the reception desk in my face. “As a decent man who knows me well, he didn’t.” Instead, he seized the back of my head and slammed it against the wall. He had a handful of cupcakes as a backup because the cake was ruined.”

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Although the bride told her new husband she was “done” with him right away, her relatives begged her to give him another opportunity.

She stated, “I left.” The next day, she declared, “We’re done.” That is a statement I stand by. Everyone has come together over the holidays to urge me that I should give him another chance.

“I panicked when I was placed inside a cake since I am claustrophobic from a car accident years ago.”

“They also say I love him – even though I don’t – and that he loves me, so I shouldn’t give up at the first sign of trouble.” I don’t want to, but everyone appears to be so united and convinced that they are correct that it makes me wonder whether they are.”

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As a result, despite her husband’s requests to stop the divorce, Prudence recommended the bride go ahead with it because her husband’s behaviours were a “red-flag.”

“Everyone-knows you’re making a mistake, but they’re not-the-ones who have to live with someone whose actions completely turn them off.” It is your responsibility to do so. Only listen to yourself.

He didn’t respect you or your red wishes. Consider which of your loved ones does not appear to care about your happiness, and go ahead with your divorce.”


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