After giving birth to ten boys in a row, the mother of the first ten boys gives birth to a girl.

When she discovered she was pregnant with a girl, she couldn’t believe it.

Alexis and David couldn’t wait until birth to determine the gender, so they drove 50 miles to a clinic that could tell them immediately.

“I was surprised to learn we were expecting another boy. According to The Mirror newspaper, the 39-year-old mother was “overjoyed” when she learned it was a girl. The 39-year-old mother, who lives in the Scottish Highlands with her 44-year-old husband David, a train driver, said she was “overjoyed” with her new bundle of joy, Cameron.

“I was taken aback and overjoyed at the same time. “It’s wonderful that she’s here with us now,” she told the Mirror.

Cameron is the youngest of ten brothers, whose ages range from two to seventeen years. “They’ve been far more courteous in her presence,” David observed. “I’m making a conscious effort to avoid arousing her.”

Every week, she cleans 49 loads of laundry.

Alexis would have been content with an 11th child, as all her boys “are special” to her.

“We are frequently asked why we have so many children, and the answer is always the same: we were hoping for that elusive girl. No, it is not. Even though Cameron was not planned, I was overjoyed,” she explained.

Alexis manages 49 loads of laundry per week and vacuums daily despite the boys’ antics.

“We are coming to a halt now,” she says. There will be none in the future. I said that previously, but this time I mean it. I adore my family in its current state.

I never intended to have a large family, but I adore mine now.”

Alexis, a part-time fitness instructor, is having a great time shopping for pink items. How do you feel about having so many boys? I have no idea how many chores must be completed each day.

We appreciate your sharing in honour of the birth of this precious baby girl and all the other babies who complete their families.



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