He is a hero after he saved the life of his 81-year-old neighbor.

Caleb Hunt, a third-grader, awoke one morning to the sound of outside groaning. He stepped outside to ascertain what was happening.

Caleb saw his old friend struggling on the floor.

When he looked out the window, “She was on the ground in the garage.”

Carolyn Lewis Elementary School student ran over to see if there was anything he could do to help the person in need.

The garbage man Sue Watson fell and broke her hip when she took the trash out. His neighbour was very sorry. People from the same family know each other very well. Sue often brings treats for Caleb and his younger sister to the house.

Caleb ran inside and told his mom to call 911. When his neighbour was hurt, he took her to the hospital. She had surgery, and now she has to go through rehab.

Son: Caleb saw Sue and did the right thing. Sue’s son: I’m so glad Caleb did the right thing.

little boy saves neighbor

Arkansans need to know what is going on

That was a good thing, said the man. He is a hero. I mean any young person who takes the time to help other people, especially someone stressed out like that.

Caleb didn’t stop there.

“We went to the hospital, and I told her I’d take the trash out.”

Sue should be able to get better soon.

This is just another example of Caleb being a good person and caring. Caleb’s parents say they’ve always known he was exceptional, and this is just another example of that.

little boy saves neighbor

Arkansans need to know what is going on

Help us say thank you to this extraordinary boy and his caring attitude by sharing this story with your friends and family. When Caleb talks to us, he can make us want to help others more.



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