Parents want to be able to trust their babysitters, so they check their backgrounds to make sure they are safe. However, there are sometimes cases of babysitter abuse that are hard for parents to notice because they can’t see what sitters are like when parents aren’t home.

Here’s how Finn’s parents found out about the abuse, though. Finn, who is 7 months old, is the son of Benjamin and Hope. Since they both have jobs, they couldn’t be with Finn during the day.


So, they hired Alexis Khan to look after their baby. They did everything right when they hired someone. They checked her background and found nothing bad, so they thought she would be a good choice to care for their baby. They are safe and well cared for.

But one day, they noticed that their dog, Killian, was acting strangely. Benjamin and Hope thought that Killian was more careful with Finn when Alexis, his babysitter, was around.

As soon as Alexis walked through the door, Killian got rougher with her. As things got worse, they decided to go with their gut.

Hope put her phone under the couch so she could record what went on when she and Benjamin weren’t home.


When they came home, they couldn’t talk about anything but the record. They were taken aback. People were swearing, hitting each other, crying, and yelling.

Alexis was hurting their child. When they looked at how Killian treated Alexis, they knew for sure. They told the police about Alexis Khan, and she was given up to 3 years in prison. She was also put on a list of people who hurt children.

Benjamin and Hope were able to save their baby Finn because of Killian, and Finn’s family signed him up for the service dog program so he could be trained to be a real superhero. How brave was that dog!

I’m so glad to see that everyone is now safe. Please leave a comment below telling us what you think about Killian.

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