For most individuals, landing a job they enjoy is a cause for happiness. Isn’t it true that we need a position to help us pay our bills? Exactly. There is already a raging argument about whether or not bringing our children into the workforce at a young age is a good-thing on Twitter.

Chris Crawford posted a couple of images of his 14-year-old son on Facebook, and the public liked them. He wished to extol the virtues of his son in the way that a proud dad might do. To help him save money for a car, his kid works part-time at Burger King to supplement his income. The author stated, “Not only does he work every day he is able, including weekends when other children are enjoying their summer vacation,” but he also “stays late and wakes up early almost every day.” Making his own money, putting money aside for a car, making wise decisions, and developing into a decent young guy!!!!!!!!! He’s done a fantastic job! “I’m very proud of him!” I exclaimed.

Crawford is delighted that his kid has worked hard and accumulated money; yet, other people are outraged that a father would urge his child to work rather than enjoy young adulthood. After reading the post, one Twitter user decided to offer her thoughts. “This is depressing,” she stated in her letter.

It is clear that Twitter users are not the only ones concerned about a 14-year-old who is working “every day he can.” Several individuals responded to the tweet by expressing concern for the boy’s current and future prospects.

He’s unquestionably an A. Working nonstop and avoiding family obligations. Eventually, he would overwork himself to become desensitized to hard work later in life when it matters the most. Because his fanaticism is rewarded, he will have difficulty learning to exercise moderation. I agree with you.

— Pfizer, wbu (@abientotdev) June 10, 2021

Others made analogies between the actions of this 14-year-old child and their own actions.

It was said by some that, those who say that there is a problem, are the ones who are actually the ones to blame.


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