Numerous internet users have been brought to tears by the story of a young man who stepped forward to take his father’s place when the time came. Being betrayed as a child by a close family member is a particularly unpleasant experience that can have long-lasting effects.

Skylar Hamerter, a young girl, has anticipated the father-daughter dance for months.

Skylar, a 7-year-old from Covington, Georgia, was delighted to attend her school’s father-daughter dance.

Skylar’s mother told Today in an interview that in the months leading up to the dance,

Skylar told her, “Mommy, I want my dad to come with me.” Grandpa is the last person I want to see. Skylar’s father, on the other hand, stood her up that day and told her, “I want everyone to know I have a dad.” Skylar’s mother assumed that Skylar’s father would never disappoint her. Skylar’s father had ceased answering her calls in the days leading up to the dance, so Ms Hamerter began to suspect he might not show up.

This wasn’t the first time Skylar had been disappointed during a dance.

Skylar’s father had similarly disappointed her at the previous father-daughter dance!

For the 2nd year in a continuosly, my daughter’s father has declined her invitation to the Daddy/Daughter dance. Her tears streamed down her cheeks as she vowed to keep on. Skylar’s mother, Trelysia Hamerter, stated on Facebook, “I felt so bad because there was nothing I could do because I’m not a boy.”

Skylar’s younger brother stepped in to fill his shoes.

Skylar’s brother noticed her weeping and spoke about it with his mother. Christian, 11, stated after his mother explained the issue to him: “If he doesn’t appear, I’d like to bring Skylar to the dance,” Ms Hamerter said in an interview with Today. She is entitled to know that a man can honour his word and that she is unique.” Hamerter’s mother was thrilled about her son’s accomplishments.

What’s more, why wouldn’t she be?

“Y’all, I sobbed,” she posted on Facebook, adding of her kid, “Know that I’m raising a great husband one.”

The post by Ms Hamerter has subsequently gone viral.

Since it was posted, Christian’s post explaining his good acts has been shared over 50, 000 times and liked over 100,000 times! The following are some of the comments:

“Way to go, mum!” He’s a wonderful big brother and son, and he’ll make a wonderful spouse one day! You were the one who made it happen! ” ” Beautiful children and a caring brother. “That’s what brothers do. I think you’re a wonderful parent, and you’re doing a fantastic job with your kids.” And to all the big brothers, my love.” The couple seems to have had a terrific time at the dance!



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