Haley Hassell took to Facebook to discuss how she dealt with the enraged scenario relaxed yet effective. Haley Hassell

Florida mom Haley Hassell went viral after posting a “long mom rant” on Facebook in response to a situation in which many parents are perplexed about what to do when their children act selfishly or are ungrateful.
Haley Hassell surprised her daughter with a brand-new pencil case, which she had to track down after visiting three different stores in three different cities. Her 6-year-old, on the other hand, threw a fit because she didn’t want it any longer. However, when she discovered the LOL pencil case that had been thrown in the garbage can, Hassell lost her cool and lost her cool quickly. Following the incident, the distraught mother decided to turn it into a teaching opportunity, taking to social media to explain how she dealt with her anger and, in the process, imparting an important lesson to her child.


“Mrs Presley [her daughter] learned a tough-love lesson today,” Hassell wrote on Facebook, alongside photos of her daughter crying and a pencil case lying in the trash bin. I went to three different stores to obtain the LOL pencil box you see in the trash. Following my surprise delivery of the item this afternoon (knowing that she would be shocked), she stared at it for a few moments before throwing it in the trash and slamming the door to her room. That’s ridiculous because everyone in my class has it… It was understandable that the mother was enraged by her daughter’s attitude toward a loving gift. “WHAT, STOP, COME AGAAN?” she wrote about the gift. Despite her rage, Hassell was disappointed in herself because she had not instilled a spirit of ungratefulness in her daughter.


“Okay. It was probably at this point that smoke was coming out of my ears. The thought of losing my cool in front of this child, for whom I had worked so diligently to provide financial support and ensure she had everything she needed and more in her life, was making me feel sick to my stomach. I hoped that by sharing my feelings with her, I had instilled in her a sense of gratitude and appreciation for the good fortune she had received. It appears that Sis was in need of an awakening after all! To avoid losing my cool in front of my daughter, I check-myself and say: “Okay, that’s fine, let-me go & get the one you’re going to use,” explained Hassell, who devised an ingenious way to teach her the importance of being thankful.


It was my pleasure to bring her a new pencil box, which is the Ziploc bag [shown],” the author says. She seemed to be all-over-the place! Suddenly, the LOL box she had just thrown away was more than enough, and the Ziploc bag was a complete and utter catastrophe… However, it is now too late to turn back the clock. My instructions were for her to take the LOL box out of the trash and we’d find a child the following day to give it to. a child whose parents are unable to afford school supplies or a child who is without a parent She, in my opinion, takes her good fortune for granted and does not deserve to be treated any differently than every-one else. As a result, for the time being, she will use a Ziploc bag and personally deliver the nice box to a child who would benefit from receiving it. I have a proclivity to overreact, but I would give anything to have all of the things she had as a child in her possession. Her parenting methods are based on the belief that “any situation in life can be turned around by changing your perception and being grateful.”
Despite the fact that the incident was a wonderful example of good parenting, many people were offended by the way she used the internet to shame her own child. The accusation that I was a monster mother came in the form of personal messages. They accused me of being a bad-parent and asserted that bad parents raise bad children. When I wrote it, I was just venting my frustrations. I was completely unaware that it would be made public. According to her, “it was implied that I was publicly shaming my daughter, which I do not agree with,” she stated during an appearance on Good Morning America. Hassell is relieved that her daughter was able to comprehend the situation and take away a valuable lesson from the experience. Her “perspective” was broadened even after she sent the pencil case and other school supplies to a 5-year-old girl in another state through the mail. In her words, “I want her to know that having a positive outlook can either make or break your life.” Everything will be difficult, but you should always be thankful when something is given to you. ”
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