It’s hard to lose someone you care about. It’s important to cry and feel sad about their death until you’re ready to move on. A widow has been having a hard time getting over the loss of her husband, and her in-laws haven’t been able to help her. They have done the opposite and made her life a living hell.

On July 2, 2021, the user wrote on Reddit about how she had lost her longtime partner about six months before. They were together for seven years, and for one and a half of those years, they were very happy to be married. Even though she was already sad about losing someone she loved, her in-laws made things worse by telling her to give back the jewelry that her late husband Daniel had bought for her. During their time together, Daniel gave the woman without a name an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and an eternity band.

The wife was still upset about her husband’s death, so she didn’t understand why his family wanted her to give up her jewelry. The message has since been taken down, but it has been shared on the internet and started a discussion in response to the widow’s request for help dealing with the hard situation. Some people think it’s understandable that the family would want something to remember their son, while others have stood by the widow, who is also sad.

Cafe Mom said that the Reddit user didn’t give any details but did say that Daniel had died in an accident. He gave her an engagement ring, a wedding ring, and an eternity band for their first wedding anniversary.

After Daniel died too soon, his wife was heartbroken and said so. She didn’t say much about what happened to kill her husband, but her pain was clear in her post. She said, “It still doesn’t feel real, but every day I try to live my life the way he would want me to.”

“Since he was buried six months ago, I haven’t talked to his family much,” the OP said. “I think we were all sad and needed time to heal,” she said.

She got a call from her sister-in-law while she was writing her article, and what they talked about surprised her.

“My sister-in-law wants me to give them all the rings back because she says Daniel bought them and now that he’s dead, they belong to the family,” the widow said. She wanted to keep the rings because they remind her of the best time in her life. She wrote, “His family is putting pressure on me to give these rings to them.” “I’m not sure if they want to sell them or keep them.”

When she was asked to return something so important, she didn’t know what to do. This is a very stressful situation for anyone to be in.

The OP also didn’t expect her husband’s family to treat her this way six months after he died. Her family has turned against her, which is a shame. She said, “Daniel and I didn’t have kids, so I guess I’m no longer related.”

The OP didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure if she had a right to feel insulted. When the widow asked for help on what she should do, people on Reddit stepped up to help. Cafe Mom says that one person said, “It’s very rude to ask a widow for her wedding bands six months after she lost her husband.” “He bought them… as gifts for you,” someone else said. “Since you were married to him, his property would be yours unless he left you a will.”

Several people felt sorry for the OP, and one said, “I would actually pay an attorney to send a cease-and-desist letter for the harassment.” “The ex-ILs have no right to these rings, even if they are family heirlooms.” “It’s unbelievable how cruel they are to a recent widow,” said one commenter.

OP hasn’t said how she’s doing now or what she ended up doing, but it’s good to see that she got help from an unexpected place after going through a hard time.



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