When the parents of a three-year-old child discovered that their son had gone missing from his house in Florida, it was a scary realization for the entire family.

A police hunt for Marshal Butler, a Ponce de León resident with autism, was launched on June 3, 2020, after he went missing on his way to work. The youngster was last seen wearing only a diaper and playing with the family’s two dogs, Nala and Buckwheat, who provided only a little amount of consolation to the family. As a result, 480p low was chosen as the video quality.

Marshal was eventually located in the safety of the family dogs, who had refused to leave his side, according to WJHG. He had been missing for several hours.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office issued a public appeal on Facebook, urging the public to watch for the missing man.


“The child was last spotted wearing only a diaper,” according to the post, which also stated that a K9 team had been dispatched to assist in the search.

It was a terrifying time for Marshal’s family. They were well aware that he would be unable to communicate with anybody he came into contact with due to his autistic spectrum disorder.

Marshal’s aunt, Kayla Stewart, described the family’s reaction to finding that the youngster had gone missing as “terrified.”

“We were in a state of fear,” she admitted to WJHG. The author says that every possible worst-case scenario is going through their thoughts,” the author says.


On the other hand, Marshal was discovered about a mile away from his home, near a river. He was smeared in the dirt but otherwise unharmed. He was accompanied by the household dogs, who had obviously refused to leave his side during the ordeal.

“Both of his dogs were right-there with him,” a neighbour, Carol Shelton, recalled. “It was a very peaceful place.” We’re grateful that the pups sort of steered him along; it’s possible that they kept him safe.”

Marshal’s family expressed their delight at having Marshal back in their possession and their pride in their two loyal dogs, who assisted them in keeping him safe.


In the words of Marshal’s mother, “They’re just doing their jobs.”

The sheriff’s office sent a message on Facebook to confirm that Marshal had been located and was in good health.

More than 3,000 replies & 1,500 shares have been received due to the post, which also disclosed that the boy’s pets spent the night with him.

“I’m very relieved to hear that he was recovered safe,” wrote one individual. “It’s fantastic that the dog was discovered with him as well! Throughout the entire process, he was protecting him. Dogs are such affectionate creatures!”


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