When Moyo was just a few days old, she was saved from drowning when she tried to cross a flooded river independently. As a result, her pack was also left behind, but rangers found her just in time to save her. The rangers took Moyo to the “Wild Is Life” sanctuary, where the founder, Roxy Danckwerts, became the orphan’s new mother. This is how it works:

Then, Moyo, who is 14 months old, always followed Roxy.

Roxy: “She knows my voice, smell, and where I am at all times.” “How?” I don’t know. It’s getting more difficult as Moyo gets bigger and her raids around the house become more difficult to deal with.

A Dutchman said that she is one of the animals. He has a solid friendship, trust and love. ” It will be hard to let go. However, I’m so sure and determined about this path I’ve chosen that I can’t change my mind. : “I want them to be free to run around and make their own decisions. That’s the best for them.”

She was left behind by her herd when she needed help the most. When she was found by a pack of hungry hyenas, baby Moyo was safe.


As a good thing, the rangers came right on time and took her to the Wild Is Life sanctuary. Roxy Danckwerts, the sanctuary founder, took care of the orphan there.


This is how it looks now: Roxy’s 14-month-old daughter is always with her, but Moyo doesn’t know how much bigger and stronger she has become…


How strong she is…


Even how strong she is…


It turns out that her curiosity is stronger than her fear, and she keeps on making mischief around the house.

When Danckwerts spoke, he said that she knows his voice, smell, and where he is at all times.


Nothing will be able to keep Moyo from reaching Roxy, her human mother.

“She’s one of those creatures with whom I’ve developed a great bond of friendship, trust, and affection.” It will be difficult to give up.



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