The kidnapping of a 2-year-old boy and the parents who never gave up hope of finding him was a story that touched people all over the world.

Guo Xinzhen was kidnapped near his home in 1997 by an unknown woman, according to his parents.

Blood, DNA samples, and other evidence were collected by authorities. Despite this, the case remained unsolved due to limited technology at the time, according to the police department’s official social media account.

Police said they never gave up looking for him, and his distraught parents did, too.

Guo Gangtang set out on a motorcycle journey across China, covering over 300,000 miles in search of his son.

In his search for his son, he spent all of his savings and racked up large debts, riding ten motorcycles and getting into numerous accidents while carrying a bag full of fliers and a flag with a picture of his son.

His story gained international attention when adapted into the 2015 film Lost and Love, starring Hong Kong film star Andy Lau, resulting in a nationwide anti-child trafficking campaign.

According to the state-run news agency Xinhua, Guo never found his son. Still, he did help track down and reunite more than 100 other abducted children with their families.

However, the family was finally reunited with their son after 24 years of searching, thanks to a DNA breakthrough.

The boy, now an adult, was discovered living at an address in neighboring Henan province using DNA analysis and facial feature comparison. According to police, two people were apprehended after confessing to kidnapping and trafficking Guo.

The tearful family reunion was captured on video, with them hugging each other tightly and crying out, “We found you; you’ve returned.”

“He [Guo Xinzhen] is all right. God was just to me. “Everything can only be happy now that the child has been found,” his father said.

According to police, the woman arrested admitted to abducting Guo Xinzhen in 1997 and travelling to Henan with a man to sell the boy.

It is unknown who Guo Xinzhen was sold to, and no further information about his childhood has been released.

I can’t imagine how depressed and heartbroken his parents must have been; his father’s search for him is inspiring.



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